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Anaglyph 3D image for viewing with red/blue glasses

People have long been fascinated by the ability to create realistic three dimensional images that appear to have depth. By 3D, we are referring to the techniques developed that allow an image to be separated into two images from slightly different points of view, and then each image is sent to one eye to restore it into a stereographic image.

There are several ways to view stereoscopic 3D images. The old stereoscopes allowed you to view 3D photographs by showing a slightly offset image separately to each eye. These were quite popular around the turn of the century, and one of the very popular subjects was nudes. One of the best collections we have seen is Serge Nazarieff's now out of print The Steresocopic Nude 1850-1930. It includes 197 rare stereo photos. If you are interested in Nude Stereoscopy, it is worth hunting the used books stores or Amazon to find.

Stereoscopic view 

Red/blue glasses were later used to allow one eye to see the red tinted part of an image and the other eye to see only the blue tinted part of an image, and this was the technology used in the first 3D movies. They are known as anaglyphic 3D images.

A more recent innovation, and one of the best, is the use of glasses with LCD shutters. The images you watch onscreen alternate between two perspectives in synch with the alternating shutters of the LCD lenses, thus forcing each eye to see alternate views. This happens so quickly that you can not see the shutters at work. The only company we know of that offers this feature for erotic videos is VidMaxxx 3D. We have not yet gotten any of the videos to look at, but you can check out their Web site.

The most sophisticated form of 3D image is the hologram. Having viewed quite a number of erotic holograms at various exhibitions, I find the holograms of the nude human form to be quite astonishing. It is as if you are looking in at a person frozen in time, with a sense of three dimensionality that no other medium can match.

The leader in creating nude erotic laser images is Laser Reflections. This San Francisco based company also does commissioned work, and has available a series of Playboy Playmate images. If you are in San Francisco, you can visit their free gallery. You can learn more about them from the Laser Reflections Web site, and they have a special section dedicated to their Playmate images. You can also see more samples of their more explicit Intense Images at the Erotic Hologram Art Web site. 

Playboy's Miss May 1998, Deanna Brooks, poses next to her hologram

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