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When you test sex products on a regular basis, you are constantly on a quest for items that are unique and different. As a piece of “sexual furniture”, the G-Ring is one of the most unique items we’ve seen in a while. 

The design of the G-Ring is fairly simple: Two large silver metal rings are held together by a padded bench and a crossbar you can grab onto. It looks like a piece of exercise equipment, and amusingly, that is all the included instruction sheet refers to, although it does not provide any specific exercises. The instructions also caution you not to use it when pets are in the room, which is a very good idea so you don'yt roll over them. We would also suggest not using it on a hill, unless you are the type of person who really enjoys the chase.

To use it, the woman lays back in the curved padded bench with her tailbone right at the edge. She can put her feet up against the two rings above her head, or put her knees against the inside of the two rings and keep her feet on the floor. Her partner can enter her vaginally and rock her gently back and forth (or less gently if so desired) by rolling the two hoops. Because of the position, he is able to comfortably thrust at a slight upward angle, which will stimulate the G-Spot. 

We’ve thoroughly tested it, and it certainly does seem to help you hit the spot. It is also extremely comfortable, both for the person laying in it, and for the person having sex with them. You can roll them into the perfect position for you to perform oral sex on them without any neck strain, then roll them a little lower for some good old fashioned fucking that eliminates the normal strain on the back and legs. Of course, maybe you don’t mind a little strain on your legs. In that case, the guy can straddle the girl and bend his knees, rotating so that her head comes to the perfect position for a blowjob.

Guys can certainly get in it as well. He can lay back in it and be in a great position to receive head. It’s even comfy enough to watch TV in (while getting head, of course). Another interesting position for a guy is to sit on the cross bar with the G-Ring behind him. He leans back so that he is balanced with his arms on the rings while. With the girl in front of him on her knees, she can easily move him up and down (bending his knees) and give him head.

But wait, there’s more!  You can also strap someone very securely into the bench and rotate the wheel into any position you desire. They can be completely upside down in a perfect position for rolling doggy style. The padded harness is reasonably comfortable and quite secure, thus also lending itself to BDSM play.

Part of the fun is figuring out different ways to use it, and of course, the real creativity comes out at our play testing events. The G-Ring certainly got a workout, as did the people using it. As one of the participants who found herself in it stated: “It was perfect!” She wound up lying in the G-Ring while Kris bent over it, one arm resting against the top of one of the rings to support herself.  Someone else came up behind Kris, using his fingers on her, and Kris reached down and did the same actions to the girl lying in the G-Ring below.  It was a very interesting game of “you do as I do”, and the G-Ring did a wonderful job of holding her legs in the air and making her very accessible.

The G-Ring does take up a little room, and you won’t be able to just slide it under the bed when you are done with it. It is 28” wide and stands 39” tall. It can be disassembled in just a few minutes by removing 8 screws. The bench still curves up about 12”, but everything else will pack pretty flat. 

We’ve always thought it was a good idea to get sex out of just the bedroom, and the G-Ring will provide incentive for that. It is fun to play in, and it offers a unique sexual experience different from everything else we have looked at. It also looks cool. Be sure to check out their Web site for several examples of it in use, including a couple of video clips.

We like the folks we've met at Erotic Environements and feel that they are trying hard to make unique and quality products. Visit their site for some of their other ideas. We love creative sex toy manufacturer's, and these guys are on our list of people to watch out for to see what they come up with next!


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