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Adult Toy Review
glass dildo with a twist

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Know Mind Enterprises, Inc.

This is the best seller in Know Mind's AsstroKnots line of solid Boronex glass dildos, and for good reason. It provides a sensation unlike any other sex toy we have had in for testing. 

On the downside, it is also very expensive. We usually don't quote prices, since they can be so variable, but an item like this will set you back around $400. This takes it out of the range of the casual buyer.

Those willing to make an investment in their sex toys can take comfort in the fact that Know Mind makes the best toys of this type on the market. See this month's feature on glass dildos for more information on why the properly made versions are so expensive.  

There are other less expensive glass dildos on the market, but you can do things with this you probably would not want to do with the others. You can throw it in a freezer for an icy thrill. You can drop in hot water or hold it under the tap to warm it up, and it will stay warm for ten minutes or more. You can wash it in the dishwasher, or even sterilize it in an autoclave. Because of the annealing process they use, it is extremely strong and should last a lifetime.

Glass has some other important properties. Because it is non-porous, it can not take on odors. Lubes also last longer since they won't be absorbed into the micropores in most toys. It is hypoallergenic, which is good news for those who are very sensitive.

The Juicer is a hand made piece of art, but it is much more than that. It is an extremely well designed sex toy. The head is 1 1/2" wide at its widest point, and ridged. This is not a toy intended primarily for forward thrusts, but rather, to be rotated. The ridged tip can repeatedly hit the G-spot as it spins for a very unique sensation. At the base of the shaft and along the 3 1/2" wide base are bumps, which add stimulation to the entrance and exterior of the vagina. It provides a lot of stimulation in a lot of different ways. We know of no other toy that comes close to this.

To facilitate rotation, they have a handle at the base. What you can't see in the picture is that on the opposite edge of the base is a finger sized indentation. These two combined make it possible to have very good control over the Juicer, even if your hands are very slippery with lube. For a toy like this, that is a very important consideration. They designed it just right.

Because this is such a different toy, one of the ways we tried testing it was to use it on someone while they were blindfolded. While it was difficult for them to tell exactly what we were doing to them, the response was very enthusiastic.

It comes with a custom padded velvet carrying and storage bag, and a certificate of authenticity. This is a product built with craftsmanship and pride. Most people are not going to invest this type of money in a sex toy. For the true toy connoisseur, though, it is a must have.


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