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Whisper Vibrator
Dr. Stanway

We've heard from quite a few people looking for a quieter vibrator. Sometimes you just want something you can use while your partner sleeps, sometimes you have thin walls, and some people just find the noise distracting.

The Whisper vibe was developed by Dr. Stanway to combine both power and quiet operation. It is somewhat baseball bat shaped in appearance, with the tip slightly larger than the end you insert the two C batteries into.

We compared it to a standard smoothie type vibe (specifically, a Slimline made by Golden Triangle, which is about as standard as vibes get- see our Slimline review). It is similar in size and uses the same batteries. While not completely silent, the sound the Whisper makes has a much lower frequency. At a distance of 30 feet in another room, we could still clearly hear the smoothie vibe, but the Whisper was imperceptible. At 15 feet, we could just barely hear the Whisper, while the sound of the smoothie was very distinct.

The type of vibration the Whisper offers is also different, with a much longer period. Hold a regular vibrator against a hard surface and it will rattle against the surface but remain in contact. Try the same test with the Whisper and it will bounce up and down on the surface. This gives it more of a throbbing effect than your traditional vibration.

At 9 inches long and 1 7/16 inches wide at its widest point, the Whisper is also a little larger than a standard smoothie vibrator. 

Inside the case is a little slip of paper around the batteries showing which way to insert them. There should also be printed on this sheet a notice to leave it in the case, as even this thin piece of paper is enough to make a difference in keeping the batteries from rattling against the hard plastic case. This is a trick that works with other cylindrical vibes as well, helping them stay a little quieter.

For its size and power, this is clearly the quietest vibe we have seen. While we have yet to hear a completely silent vibe, this does offer a significant reduction in sound from comparably sized vibes. 


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