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Aqua Entertainment
very hot underwater erotic videos

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When I first joined the local nudist club, I thought that swimming naked would be a pleasant form of exercise. What I discovered is that women look really sexy underwater, and it inspired me to much greater discipline in getting my regular swimming in. On a swinger's cruise in Jamaica, it was difficult deciding what to look at as we snorkeled along the reef- the gorgeous fish and coral, or the lovely weightless forms of the naked women swimming with us. I've since become quite a fan of the female form underwater, and apparently, I am not alone.

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In fact, underwater erotic videos are a fetish genre that has been growing rapidly in popularity lately, but there are very few producers of this very specialized form of erotica. We had the opportunity to chat with Mark of Aqua Entertainment, the leading producer of underwater erotica and founder of the genre, about what is involved in making these types of videos.

Aqua Entertainment puts out several series of underwater erotica, and they have a terrific Web site with tons of pictures you should check out after viewing the pictures in our gallery. In addition, they have a membership section that gives you access to RealVideo clips, allowing you to preview everything they make.  This is an excellent way to see if this type of erotica is something that winds your watch, and members get discounts on videos. With memberships as low as $5 for a week ($15 for a month), if you wind up buying a video your membership is pretty much paid for. It is a recurring membership, though, so as with most adult membership sites, if you don't want to be billed on a continuing basis, make sure you cancel your membership when you no longer want to access the site.

Mark got started shooting underwater fashion pieces for clients, but decided to take on the challenge of creating underwater erotic videos in 1992. He'd always had an interest in women underwater, perhaps from watching too many Esther Williams movies as a kid or swimming in the pool with the neighbor girls. When he started scuba diving, he shot the usual fish and coral landscapes, but then realized there had to be something more interesting to shoot while he was down there. Naked women seemed to be the obvious answer.

He initially sold the idea to clothiers, shooting fashion shoots underwater. He sought out others who were also interested in creating underwater erotica, and started the Aqua Tapes series by collecting material from other photographers, along with his own. Unfortunately, the material available from others was very limited and his sources soon dried up, which motivated him to begin creating the bulk of the material himself.

In mainstream film making, shooting underwater is the most difficult type of shoot possible. Many of the same difficulties are faced when you are shooting nudes underwater. Underwater backdrops can float away, equipment can fail, and worst of all, the water can be colder than you would like, dramatically reducing the amount of time the models can spend in the water. Through years of experience, Mark has gotten it down to a science, and the quality of underwater photography is very impressive. His background in traditional advertising shoots really shows through, with a great eye for detail.

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