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Aqua Entertainment
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Finding models who can work underwater, especially under the very demanding conditions required for the Aqua Entertainment videos, is no easy feat. Anyone can be trained to do it, Mark explains, if they are motivated to really learn it. The problem is, most people really don't want to take the time to learn it. They have to be basically water babies and really love the underwater environment. Those who have gone through his training have tended to stay with him, so he has built up a roster of talented underwater performers.

Making it even more difficult to find models, many women who photograph beautifully poolside don't photograph well underwater, and many women who look absolutely stunning underwater don't photograph as well on the surface. Even after all of his years of experience, he still never knows for sure until he gets them underwater and starts shooting. One out of every ten models he auditions have both the desire, the skill, and the looks.

Breath control is key in the Sub Aqua Sex tapes

Once he starts working with models, he trains them in basic breath holding techniques. It just requires practice. He even pays to have them scuba certified for doing shoots in open water.

Two years ago he shot Brande Roderick. He lost touch with her, and while he was putting together Aqua Tape #4, he decided to include the scene that she did. He sent the tape to a friend to see how he liked it, who let him know that not only was she the April Playmate, but she also starred on Baywatch Hawaii. He had no idea.

Aqua Entertainment currently produces several series. The Aqua Tapes series are vignettes of Playboy style glamour, with both nude and fashion video of very pretty women underwater. Mark's true love is the Aqua Tape series, where he shoots for high quality and beautiful sequences

The Aqua Cats series can get graphic sexually, but are primarily adventure related themes with a lot of sequences of women cat fighting underwater. He gets a lot of requests for it, and has shot a couple of sequences that are okay, but he is still working to capture the ultimate "Sea Hunt" fantasy. In this scenario, two girls in scuba gear fight underwater and cut each other's air hoses. It is dangerous to shoot, but eventually he thinks he will capture exactly what he has in mind.

The Sub Aqua Sex series is the more hard core of the bunch, with lots of underwater blowjobs and other escapades. Seeing a girl suck someone off to orgasm while underwater is pretty impressive. Some of these women must be part mermaid.

In association with a partner, he produces three other series. Sloppy, Sopping and Submerged include equal amounts of clothed wet look, messy slapstick (pie fights, girls in mud, food fights), and underwater scenes. The messy slapstick was inspired by the European sploshing videos, which became a huge fetish in the 90's.

Mark II (his partner's name is also Mark), feature really bad cheesy story lines in featurettes, with everything motivating the girls to get messy or underwater. They are filmed in Cheese-o-vision, with corny dialogue and very silly story lines. I am not being critical here, I'm actually quoting Mark, who admits these are not high art but are intended to be campy videos for the fetish market.

The Custom Series come from requests from customers for custom tapes. One video was based on a customer request for women in wet sweaters. Another was inspired by a customer request for a pie fight sequence, the end result of which was ten gorgeous women in lingerie and 230 custom made buttercream pies.

Mark is admittedly one video producer who is both all wet and in over his head, which fortunately are both requirements for doing underwater video. Check them out at

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